Enhance urban experience through mobile

UrbanAir app is a window to your city and its resources

UrbanAir is a citizen centric app that serves its users by bringing together all the services in a city in one platter

Announcements & Alerts

Important alerts, notices, public information, announcements and messages from the governing body or any third party can be done through the app.

Campaigns & Events

Events, public awareness campaigns, brand promotional programs and other events in the city can be announced, updated and conducted with the help of the app.

Data & Analytics

City council and governing bodies get to use valuable big data generated by the app to improve infrastructure and quality of life of citizens

What we do for you

We provide technology solutions to cities, governments and businesses to create a digital environment for interaction and engagement. Citizens stand to gain a lot from the app as it changes the way they enjoy different services in the city.

Users can search for information, products and services.

App users get a chance to win attractive offers and discounts.

App curates services and IoT infrastructure in the city to build better experience among citizens.


Representing a city the digital way

Getting the right information at the right time is important. UrbanAir app is an expert that has every piece of information you need in a city.

  • For Civic Engagements

    If you are a citizen, get things done at the click of a button. Choose the city you wish to explore and relevant categories in the app to view a detailed list of services offered. Get offers, deals and discounts on products, tickets and brands real time through app. For example, choose ‘movies’ category to get updates on movie shows in town and book tickets directly through the app.

  • For City council and Governing Bodies

    Big data and valuable information generated using the app through constant interactions with IoT and other devices inside the city can be used for urban planning, infrastructure placements and better citizen engagements. The city council can give announcements and provide details of services offered. Gather customer complaints, suggestions and inputs in order to ensure quality service delivery and value creation.

  • For Brands and businesses

    Businesses, big and small can showcase their products and services, run advertisements and offer discount coupons directly through the app. Proximity based product promotion campaigns and relevant interactions with customers can be carried out real time using UrbanAir app and its associated beacon network.


Awesome screenshots

The app has awesome interface, easily navigable features, it is seamless and user experience driven.


Packed with amazing features

Ready to start!... Simple, effective and easy to use

Search feature

Search different category of items such as shops, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, health centers, pubs etc.

Location based listing

Location intelligence of the app lists places nearby, allowing easier navigation.

Proximity friendly

The app is integrated with proximity based technology that allows interactions with beacons, Wi-Fi, sensors and other Internet of Things.

Detailed view

Information such as address, contact, price, distance and directions will be available across each item/ product.

Deals and offers

Various location specific deals and offers will be made available real time, catering to individual users.

Feedback and review

Users can review listings, give feedback and even interact with the city officials in case of any issues or complaints.


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Basic Users

For those organizations looking to create a profile, list their business details and run location based campaigns.

  • Add Business/ Organization
  • Profile Management
  • Create unlimited Location based campaigns
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Premium Users

For those who own or manage one more organizations

$49/month for each Organization

(Introductory Offer!!!)

  • Manage Unlimited organizations/Store
  • Configure & Manage up to 10 Beacons per organization location
  • Manage unlimited active notification messages
  • Create location based, beacon and wifi based proximity campaigns
  • Unlimited Access to our Learning Center
  • Access to our Beacon and Message Management Platform
  • Support from our Technical Experts
  • Access to analytics Dashboard
  • Setup Welcome Messages

Cities / Partners

For Civic organizations, Cities or Partners want to collaborate.

  • Provide the best Urban experience to public
  • Manage multiple organizations or city wide services
  • White labeled platform/mobile apps
  • Establish WiFi and Beacon based networks
  • Revenue Sharing opportunities
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